June 23, 2015

5 Fertility Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

A general rule for try to conceive if you’re under 35 is to try for one year before seeing a fertility specialist. If you’ve experienced any of these 5 symptoms, you shouldn’t wait — book an appointment with your doctor right away. Not only could treatment help you get pregnant more quickly, it may help catch other potentially serious issues sooner. The [Read more]

June 15, 2015

Kudos to the Huffington Post on “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Fertility Clinic…” by Heather Huhman

Dr. Marcy Maguire of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey comments on “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Fertility Clinic… and Knowing When to Get a Second Opinion” Heather Huhman, Huffington Post June 8, 2015 If you’re thinking about infertility care for the first time or looking for a new choice in care, Heather Huhman’s [Read more]

June 9, 2015

When Is It Time to See a Fertility Doctor?

How long should you try to get pregnant before consulting a specialist in your 20s, in your 30s and in your 40s? What changes as you get older? Typically, women under age 35 should attempt pregnancy for about 1 year prior to seeking evaluation for infertility. Women older than 35 should be evaluated after attempting [Read more]

June 4, 2015

Will my vitamin D levels effect my IVF outcome?

Vitamin D Deficiency is a hot topic in medicine today no doubt.  Overall women undergoing IVF should eat a well-balanced diet, reduce caffeine intake, stop smoking, and take a prenatal vitamin which covers the important bases for patients. As far as Vitamin D, it’s processed in the skin as a result of sun exposure. There [Read more]

May 27, 2015

How will the ACA impact my infertility coverage?

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association presents information about the Affordable Care Act’s Impact On Infertility Medical Care and State Mandates. FAQ’s on the impact of the ACA on infertility coverage: Do the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) cover infertility treatments? The ACA requires coverage of essential health benefits, mandating plans in the individual and small group market [Read more]

May 21, 2015

The Birth Announcement – The Fertility Doctor

One of the most treasured moments in the job of a fertility doctor is receiving a birth announcement from a patient who had success in her treatment course. With the ever-increasing success of our advanced fertility treatments, lately I have been receiving a flurry of these cards, often with little handwritten notes. As I open [Read more]

May 12, 2015

How can being overweight affect IVF success?

Obesity is clearly and epidemic in our country and being overweight can complicate many medical conditions.  For IVF, being overweight may lower success although age is largely a more important factor. Overweight patients may be less successful because they require more medication or may not respond as well to the medication.  It is also more difficult [Read more]

May 7, 2015

How does sperm quality affect IVF success?

A semen analysis is a rudimentary test of a man’s sperm count.  Men with low sperm counts (less than 5 million motile sperm) will likely have difficulties achieving pregnancies.  Any man with more than one abnormal defect in his semen analysis will also have a difficult prognosis.  Morphology is an interesting area as many men will [Read more]

April 28, 2015

Is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) right for me?

The use of androgens such as testosterone and DHEA have been investigated for the past few years in women with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) or poor response to ovarian stimulation.  The proposed mechanism is that these steroid hormones improve egg development. There are conflicting data regarding how much impact DHEA may have.  Many centers have [Read more]

April 24, 2015

While InFertility: 3 Lessons the Child You’re Dreaming of Needs You to Learn

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. As someone who experienced infertility, I know firsthand what it is like to want nothing more than to bring a child into this world. I won’t ever forget what it felt like month after month, negative test after negative test to have your dreams slip father and father [Read more]