Therapeutic donor insemination (TDI) is a fertility treatment option for:

  • Couples in which the male partner suffers from an absence of sperm
  • Single women pursuing conception
  • Lesbian couples seeking to start a family

RMANJ requires psychological counseling prior to pursuit of either donor sperm or donor oocyte (egg) therapy, so individuals and couples can fully explore and understand the psychological issues surrounding these treatment choices.

Your physician and nurse for fertility treatment will provide a list of reputable donor sperm banks in NJ. Prospective sperm donors are thoroughly screened prior to acceptance by a sperm bank. Donated specimens are then cryopreserved (frozen) and quarantined for 6 months prior to release for use by the public.

Patients of fertility treatment may also recruit their own sperm donors. Federal law requires that any designated donor be screened by a licensed sperm bank prior to donation to demonstrate that the designated donor is free of any disqualifying infectious disease.

Once a donor is selected, individual vials of cryopreserved donor sperm in NJ will be purchased and sent to RMANJ for storage.

Due to the diminished life expectancy of thawed sperm, two consecutive inseminations are typically done per cycle – the first just prior to the patient’s ovulation and the next 24 hours later, shortly following ovulation.

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