At RMANJ, we take research seriously. Our efforts have resulted in improved outcomes for all of our patients – whether they participated in a research trial or not.

Participating in one of our ongoing projects is strictly optional and your help is highly appreciated. We have compiled a database of more than 10,000 unique DNA samples at our fertility clinic and are actively investigating genetic causes of infertility, including diminished ovarian reserve and disorders of implantation. Our status as a world-class IVF program and our industry leading success rates are the result of the many research initiatives we conduct every year.

Research at our fertility clinic in NJ

Ongoing Projects

We continue to seek ways that will maximize the level of care we provide. This is done through vigorous, well-documented and continuous testing and re-testing. Some of these initiatives include:

Actively Recruiting for Participation

Ongoing Projects, Closed To Recruitment

Other prospective studies in development focus on using Next-Generation Sequencing for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

The Research Team at RMANJ is constantly assessing clinical laboratory performance.   At the 2014 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Annual Clinical Meeting , RMANJ presented an unprecedented 28 abstracts showcasing original research from our program. The 2015 ASRM Annual Clinical Meeting of American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Baltimore, MD is looking to be an equally exciting year.    

For more information on ongoing research projects, you can contact the RMANJ Clinical Research Team at 973-656-2841 or