IVF Success Rates


With a 86.6% delivery rate in women under 35*, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey’s in vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates are unparalleled in the US. While our success rates have been consistently above the national average for over a decade, we still understand that the treatment of infertility is more than just a published number and more than just IVF.

If you’re under 35 years old and unable to get pregnant or stay pregnant after twelve months of trying, it might be time to talk to your OBGYN or a specialist about your fertility concerns. If you’re over 35 and been trying for six months without success, we’re happy to talk to you today.

When evaluating a clinic, the best measure of success is that center’s delivery or birth rates—pregnancy rates don’t tell the complete story. RMANJ has a long history of higher than average delivery rates due to our experienced healthcare providers, individualized protocols, state-of-the-art laboratory conditions and ultramodern techniques, including:

Please note: A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because a patient’s medical characteristics, treatment approaches and entrance criteria for assisted reproductive technology (ART) may vary from clinic to clinic. Visit www.sart.org to learn more.

*SART 2014; Final live birth per patient for women under 35 include all non-banking autologous cycles and banking cycles with a thaw within 12 months of banking, representing outcomes for patients who were new to a given clinic in 2014, with births realized in 2014 and 2015. 

For additional information on our IVF success rates & procedures, please contact us today.