Our team of experts isn’t just limited to physicians. At RMANJ, your care team will be comprised of nurses, liaisons, and counselors who specialize in—and are deeply passionate about—the treatment of infertility.

RMANJ continues to believe that providing the highest quality patient care, both in successes and experience with our teams, is a continuous improvement process. Our entire professional team is focused on building families while be mindful of the unique physical and emotional needs of every patient.

Founding Partners

Top IVF Doctors – Michael R. Drews, Paul A. Bergh, and Richard T. Scott have been providing world-class infertility care since 1999 and remain committed to helping thousands of patients and couples that have been challenged with infertility.





Physician Team

RMANJ physicians are world-renowned for their contributions and accomplishments in reproductive medicine but they’re also dedicated to keeping your care feeling local and personal. RMANJ has one of the largest physician teams of any IVF program in the US which means your first appointment can be made within a matter of days.





Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ) is recognized as a Center of Nursing Excellence by The Executive Board of the Nurses’ Professional Group – American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Our nurse’s dedication to their advancement of continuing education, patients and the field of reproductive medicine is remarkable.  We truly believe that nurses play a key role in patient education and patient satisfaction and we congratulate them on this distinguished honor.