Financial Coordinators

Meet our Financial Coordinator Team

In addition to our world class patient care teams, RMANJ provides each patient with a financial coordinator who guides patients through the costs and, sometimes, complex insurance coverage. It is our goal, to provide patients with a seamless, stress-free experience, allowing them to focus on their goal of building a family.  Our financial coordinators are here to answer questions about referrals, authorizations and general fertility care benefits.


  • Financial Coordinators
  • Charmy Datu
    Charmy Datu

    Charmy Datu is a Financial Coordinator with RMANJ. When she isn’t working closely with patients, she enjoys journaling and getting lost in a good book. 
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    A Hawaii native, Charmy Datu first came to New Jersey while on vacation with her family when she was young. They fell in love with the changing seasons New Jersey offered and decided to make New Jersey their permanent home.

    Datu started her career as a retail business manager before deciding to change her career path and join the medical field.

    “I wanted a career that was mutually rewarding and I found it with RMANJ,” she said.

  • Danielle DeGrace
    Danielle DeGrace 973-871-2201

    Danielle DeGrace is a Financial Coordinator at RMANJ. When she isn’t working with patients, she enjoys spending time with her family and cockapoo, Toby, reading, watching The Office and doing crafts. Read More

    Danielle DeGrace graduated from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She entered the work field as a billing and office manager for a local medical practice. After learning about Reproductive Medicines Associates of New Jersey, DeGrace realized it was time to make a career change.
    “We have a dedicated team that always puts the needs of the patients first,” she said. “Being a part of helping patients build their family is very rewarding.”
  • Susanne DePuy
    Susanne DePuy

    Susanne DePuy is a Financial Coordinator at RMANJ. When she isn’t working with patients, she enjoys reading, going to the dog park with her dog, King, and spending time with her son, Dylan. Read More

    Susanne DePuy graduated from Widener University in Chester, Pa., with a degree in business administration. She entered the field as a regional account executive for an insurance company. After a promotion and relocation to California, she decided it was time to move back to her native state of New Jersey. Upon returning home, she joined the financial team at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey.
    “Working with patients while they are building their families is a very rewarding experience,” she said.
  • Vania Duarte
    Vania Duarte

    Vania Duarte is a Financial Coordinator at RMANJ. When she isn’t guiding patients through their journey, she spends time with her family, watches movies, travels and can even be found partaking in karaoke nights. Read More

    Born and raised in Portugal, Vania Duarte came to New Jersey when she was just seven years old. After high school, she became certified as an ultrasound technician and then began working as a patient registrar in the emergency room at a local hospital.
    She began her career as a claims adjuster and then accepted a position in accounts receivable at a local medical billing company. It was shortly after starting there that Duarte was presented with the opportunity to join Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey as a Financial Coordinator, a role in which she feels at home.
    “I love being a source of comfort for patients and being able to support them through their fertility journey,” she said.
  • Financial Coordinators
  • Alison Holland
    Alison Holland 908-495-1131

    Alison Holland is a Financial Coordinator at RMANJ. When she isn’t working with patients, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, driving her sports car, and vacationing at the Jersey Shore. Read More

    A New Jersey native, Alison Holland started her career in business development with automobile brand Acura. After some time, she realized her true passion was working in the medical field. Soon after, she was given the opportunity to join the team at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, and she did.
    “Being able to support patients through their journey is very rewarding,” she said. “I love when patients call to say they’re pregnant!”
  • Renee Johnson
    Renee Johnson 973-656-2832

    Renee Johnson is a Finance Department Professional Trainer and Team Leader for RMANJ. When she isn’t supporting her financial team and patients, she loves spending time with her grandkids and volunteering as a chaplain. Read More

    It was 1999 and Renee Johnson, then working in the medical billing office of a local hospital, got an interesting offer. To come work for a brand new practice getting started: Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey. Johnson took the offer and embarked on a journey to help build the new practice’s finance department.
    “It was such an honor to be asked to the practice at the very beginning,” said Johnson. “And it’s an honor to still be a part of the team and to be a part of what RMANJ has built over the years.”
  • Liana Laurenceau
    Liana Laurenceau 973-871-1318

    Liana Laurenceau is a Finance Coordinator at RMANJ. When she isn’t guiding patients through their fertility benefits, she can be found cooking and spending time with her family. 
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    Born and raised in New Jersey, Liana Laurenceau earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. After graduation, she started her career at Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy, where she was introduced to reproductive medicine, particularly to Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey.
    “RMANJ has such a positive impact on people’s by lives focusing on individualized needs,” she said “I knew I wanted to be a part of a group that had one goal in mind: the patients.”