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Over seven million men and women in the US are equally impacted by infertility. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), if you’re around 35 years old and been trying to get pregnant or can’t stay pregnant after 6-12 months, it’s time to talk to a reproductive specialists.   If you or someone you know can answer yes to one or some of the follow questions, it might be time to talk to us at RMANJ.


How to Help Someone Struggling with Male Infertility This Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be hard. If you’ve lost your father or have a difficult relationship with your father, it can be a day you’d rather forget. For men struggling with fertility, Father’s Day is yet another painful reminder of their inability to have a child. RMANJ Dr. Maria Costantini-Ferrando, who has a background in psychology, […]

When Father’s Day is a Choice: Tom Garden’s Story

Oops, he did it again. Had a child on his own, that is. Tom Garden likes to say he was married – to his business. That marriage headed for a divorce, though, when Garden realized his career wasn’t bringing him any real meaning. At 47 years old, he looked back on his life and saw […]