Collaborative Wellness

Our Collaborative Approach to Patient Care

Undergoing fertility treatment can be an emotional experience for everyone involved. At RMANJ, we believe in a holistic approach that addresses every aspect of your journey. The Collaborative Wellness Team is here to help you manage any feelings that may arise along the way and offer solutions for managing stress and maintaining balance.

Counseling & SUPPORT

Dealing with uncertainty, fear, and decisions about treatment can be overwhelming and sometimes a loved one isn’t the best equipped to quell any concerns. Your Collaborative Wellness Team is there to help you through this uncertain and exciting experience.

Your Wellness Team

Our Collaborative Wellness Team at RMANJ provides counseling, acupuncture, yoga, nutritional guidance, and other natural interventions to complement your clinical care with our fertility doctors in NJ.


Our certified experts are trained in the healing arts of advanced acupuncture for fertility using traditional and laser acupuncture technology focused on the reproductive system.

Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga is a relaxing, gentle process focusing on deep relaxation through therapeutic poses, guided visualization and breathing techniques to trigger relaxation.

Diet & Nutrition

Having a well-balanced healthy diet is one of the best ways a woman can prepare herself for pregnancy & fertility treatment.