Is The CareShare 100% IVF Refund Program Right For You?

CareShare-cover-smRMA’s new 100% financial guarantee program, CareShare, offers patients the opportunity of multiple IVF cycles for a single package price. Guaranteeing enrolled patients a live birth or 100% refund of their program fees paid if unsuccessful, helping them to pursue other family building options. Sounds great, right? A program designed to share in the financial risk with the ultimate goal of bringing home a healthy baby.

THE BIG QUESTION IS – Is the CareShare IVF refund program right for you?

Dr. Marie Werner of RMA Eatontown says, “The CareShare financial program is ideal for patients who are paying out of pocket with no insurance coverage, or for those who have waived or exhausted their insurance benefits. It’s also good for international patients paying out of pocket and traveling to RMANJ for care.”

Some patients may be able to use their insurance benefits for pre-screening testing, medication, and other services prior to enrolling in the CareShare program. Currently the IVF refund program is not open for patients who require egg donation or gestational carrier services, but is able to enroll patients using donor sperm.

How do I know if I qualify for the CareShare Program?

First, talk with your primary RMA physician. Your physician will work with you to help determine your eligibility based on clinical and other criteria. The CareShare refund program offers a generous patient inclusion criteria unique from other financial programs including:

  • FSH < 12
  • AMH > 1.0 ng/mL
  • Normal uterine cavity and lining
  • No more than one previously failed IVF cycle
  • Be able to complete six cycles prior to turning 41 years old
  • Agree to waive insurance coverage for the medical portion of the IVF cycles

Learn more about RMA’s CareShare Program by speaking with your physician, 973-656-2089.

Dr. Marie D. Werner, FACOG

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey - Morristown, NJ and Eatontown, NJ

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