New RMANJ Marlton Fertility Center Opens

They planned, they worked hard, they waited, and it’s finally come: the opening day of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey’s (RMANJ) new Marlton clinic.

Lead physicians Dr. Jason Franasiak and Dr. Dan Kaser, along with Nurse Practitioner Hayley Eichlin, are more than ready to welcome hopeful parents in South Jersey to their spacious new fertility center located at 95 Old Marlton Pike West in Marlton, New Jersey.

Built from the ground up, the 41,600 sq. ft. facility will provide the Marlton team the space and tools to diagnose and treat patients from all walks of life while continuing a tradition of research and discovery inherent to RMANJ. In addition to more spacious offices and exam rooms, the center will also feature a full-service IVF and embryology lab (RMANJ’s second in the state, after Basking Ridge).

“We are so excited to be able to share this new space with our existing and future patients,” said Dr. Franasiak, who also serves as Marlton’s IVF Laboratory Director. “This building reflects our commitment to our patients, the South Jersey community, and to finding answers to infertility’s unanswered questions. As such, it provides a bright new symbol of hope for those who need it most.”

Though they traveled different roads, each specialist was led to Marlton by one shared desire: to help aspiring parents start families.

“Infertility is a challenging and life-altering diagnosis and our job is not only to help our patients understand the process and offer treatment,” Dr. Franasiak said, “but to do additional work to ensure that treatment is constantly improving and evolving.”

“Because infertility is an evolving area of medicine, we wanted to be a part of the scientific discovery of answers to questions which persist in the field.”

For Dr. Kaser, the decision to specialize in reproductive medicine was a little more personal. While pursuing his medical degree at Dartmouth Medical School, he fell in love with reproductive endocrinology and, soon after, his husband, a fellow medical student. They knew they wanted to start a family one day and would need help doing so.

“I knew my husband and I would need an egg donor and gestational carrier to start our family, so my personal and professional interests quickly aligned,” Dr. Kaser said. “Helping patients beat their infertility challenges truly is one of the most rewarding things I can spend my life doing.”

Nurse Practitioner Hayley Eichlin’s decision to specialize in infertility came after a positive experience at RMANJ. While earning her master’s in nursing, she participated in a clinical rotation at the Basking Ridge office and became fond of the relationships she developed with patients struggling to conceive. So after getting her doctorate, she decided to return to RMANJ – this time in Marlton.

“I just love helping people have babies,” she said. “I’m so glad to be back!”

It is clear RMANJ Marlton’s dedicated team is right where they need to be – in their new home helping patients build families.

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