Nurse practitioner finds family and career at RMANJ

Patient nurse fertility

For Englewood’s new nurse practitioner Evelina Tuers, the road to RMANJ didn’t begin with a resume – it began with an appointment to see a fertility doctor instead.

Tuers became familiar with RMANJ several years ago, when she was working as a midwife and referred women struggling with infertility to RMANJ. Soon, she realized she might need to refer herself – she was having trouble getting pregnant on her own and realized she needed help. After hearing so many good things from her patients – who came back to her pregnant – she made an appointment with RMANJ’s Dr. Rybak.

Within a year, she’d delivered a healthy baby girl (who is now a 20-month-old.)

“I’ll be forever grateful to Dr. Rybak and the team that helped me start my family,” Tuers recently said. “As a former patient, I know what they go through and how rewarding it is to leave RMANJ with a baby – so, after having experienced that reward as a mother, I want to be part of the reward as a member of the care team.”

It didn’t take long for Tuers to get back to RMANJ, this time as a nurse practitioner in the Englewood office, putting to practice her extensive clinical experience in women’s health.

“I found the customer service and professionalism from everyone on the team exceptional and, of course, the incredible laboratory with the highest IVF pregnancy success rates,” she said of her return to RMANJ.

After obtaining her nursing degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), Tuers worked as a medical surgical nurse at Chilton Memorial Hospital in Pequannock, New Jersey. She enjoyed the work, but her passion was in labor and delivery, something she’d experienced during a clinical rotation at UMDNJ. Soon after, she landed her first labor and delivery job at Saint Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City.

While there, she went back to school and earned her master’s degree in nursing from Rutgers University, and in 2013 began working as a midwife at a local OB/GYN practice, where she stayed until this year, when she couldn’t resist the urge to join RMANJ following the birth of her daughter.

“RMANJ is a long standing leader in the fertility realm, and I knew this was the path my career was supposed to take,” she said.

In her new role as nurse practitioner, Tuers will be seeing patients, performing morning monitoring ultrasounds and leading procedures such as saline sonograms and endometrial biopsies.

Her nursing background in labor and delivery, coupled with her experience as a midwife and an infertility patient has prepared Tuers well for the clinical – and emotional – aspects of her new role.

“Infertility, pregnancy and labor are all such roller coasters,” she said, “but having worn all of these hats before, I feel really good about helping patients through every step of their journey.”

“Restoring hope in couples struggling with infertility and helping build families is absolutely what I was meant to do.”