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The Gift of Genetic Testing

This time of year families gather to celebrate holiday traditions, think about the year ahead and remember the years gone by. Health and prosperity are top-of-mind for many as they make resolutions for the New Year. Many couples will make life’s most exciting resolution this year–the decision to start a family. While the choice to […]

Not Your Mother’s IVF: Making Fertility Care Safer and Successful

As seen on HuffingtonPost.com/Parents “Not Your Mother’s IVF: Making Fertility Care Safer and Successful” Over the past 25 years, IVF — the technology, the science, the success rates, the process — has dramatically changed. Yet physicians and patients who are facing infertility are not letting go of older techniques and are often taking on unnecessary risks […]

What you don’t know about Infertility Treatment

As science and medicine continue to advance, stories in the media perpetuate myths and misconceptions about exactly what fertility treatments can and can’t do. Information is power and essential to helping every patient be as successful as possible. Here are some fundamentals about infertility care that every one should know. Don’t wait. Get answers. Dr. […]

Is there a benefit to the Eeva System – Embryo Screening Method?

Video is a part of everyday modern life and no different with fertility treatments these days. EEVA and Embryoscope are two new embryo screening systems for time lapse imaging of embryos in the lab. RMANJ has participated in clinical trials for EEVA and published data at previous year’s American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting. While this […]

How does Comprehensive Chromosome Screening help increase IVF success?

Ask the Expert recently asked Dr. Eric Forman  to discuss how Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) helps increase IVF success for patients. Also, how genetic chromosome analysis of an embryo can identify a normal euploid embryo before a patient’s embryo transfer allowing for a safer pregnancy and delivery for both mother and baby.

Dr. Nathan Treff featured in March ’14 issue of Chemical & Engineering News

Comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) represents one of the most important breakthroughs in assisted reproductive technology.  RMANJ has been at the forefront of CCS research, developing the most accurate and clinically validated method in the world. Our continued dedication to advance the technology of CCS has now taken us into the realm of next-generation sequencing, a method […]

Increasing Success with IVF

In order for in vitro fertilization (IVF) to be a success, an embryo has to implant into the uterus and continue to grow for close to nine months without miscarriage. They key here is selecting the best embryo that is up to the task. These are exciting times in the world of fertility treatment. It seemed […]