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Reducing the Financial & Emotional Stress on Fertility Patients

July 25 marked the 38th anniversary of the birth of Louise Brown, the first baby conceived through in vitro fertilization, or IVF. Almost four decades ago, the field of reproductive endocrinology and fertility care brought new hope and solutions to those having trouble having a baby or staying pregnant. Since Louise Brown, it’s estimated that […]

The VIP | The Fertility Doctor

We’ve all heard about the VIP patient. She’s a professional athlete, or a movie star, or her father is the CEO of a major hospital. It’s not uncommon throughout medicine to make little notes or asterisks in the chart so everyone is aware that this patient is a “VIP” and should receive everyone’s best care. […]

The advantages and disadvantages of genetic testing | Part 2

Continuing this month’s series on genetic testing, Part 1 explored the common questions asked and answered. Part 2 dives a little deeper into the advantages genetic testing has to offer, as well as the some disadvantages you’ll want to consider. What criteria do experts use when referring patients for genetic testing? Unfortunately, there is still […]

The Birth Announcement – The Fertility Doctor

One of the most treasured moments in the job of a fertility doctor is receiving a birth announcement from a patient who had success in her treatment course. With the ever-increasing success of our advanced fertility treatments, lately I have been receiving a flurry of these cards, often with little handwritten notes. As I open […]

Acupuncture in IVF – When should it be performed?

Overall the data is inconclusive but it’s thought that acupuncture may improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and stimulate the release of neurotransmitters which travel in the blood and may also improve pregnancy outcomes. Given the inconsistency in clinical trials and the conflicting results, it is likely that the effect of acupuncture is […]

Why Not Me?

There is nothing worse than desperately longing for a child while everyone else around you is getting pregnant. By accident. On the first try. And worse… unwanted. It’s like pouring salt into a 10 foot open wound. Jealousy is a natural feeling and you probably find yourself obsessing over the fact that you deserve a […]

Saying good-bye to your fertility doctor

The doctor-patient relationship is unique when treating infertility. There’s an intense period of diagnostic tests, counseling, frequent visits for blood work, ultrasounds, procedures – and then it’s over. Most of the time it ends on a happy note with couples being shepherded happily pregnant to an OB/GYN who can manage the rest of the pregnancy […]

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10 Tips to Help You Stop Obsessing About Becoming Pregnant

For sure, it seems nearly impossible to stop obsessing about pregnancy while dealing with infertility. Babies are all around you. You spend countless hours in the doctor’s office checking this, assessing that – all in the hopes of having the sperm meet the egg. Here are some ideas for how to get pregnancy off your […]

The End Will Justify The Means – destination, parenthood

It must be human nature to get caught up in the details of a journey and sometimes lose sight of the destination, no matter how glorious it may be. The same could be said of parenthood.  Virtually every prospective parent has a vision of how their family is going to start. None involve an IVF […]

Medicine is a humbling profession or “the other 40 percent”

“Medicine is a humbling profession.” I must have heard that once, but I can’t remember where. Just a single line dropped nonchalantly somewhere along the way of 11 years of postgraduate medical education. At the time it was one of those things you hear, know is important and profound, but won’t be able to fully […]