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elective egg freezing

Elective Egg Freezing: Everything you Need to Know About

  Recently, we had a chance to catch up with Jake Anderson with FertilityIQ.com, a platform that gives patients and doctors the opportunity to contribute and share all things related to infertility. The site covers various topics like general diagnosis, in vitro fertilization (IVF), LGTBQ, fertility treatments, but we wanted to know how patient and […]

Top 10 Most Common Questions Asked When Considering Egg Freezing

Written by: Dr. Shefali Shastri, FACOG and Dr. Marie Werner, FACOG, HCLD/TS (ABB) Women are born with all the eggs we will ever have.  Over time both the quantity and quality of the remaining eggs lessen, which is why eggs released from younger women are often of better quality and may result in a healthier […]

Now is the right time to plan your family

Source: www.njteachersmagazine.com During my second year of residency, an ordinary afternoon turned extraordinary after one small conversation. My mentor (a well-respected physician I regarded with great esteem) casually approached me and just started talking. She started by telling me about her career pathway and then began weaving in stories of her personal life and experiences. […]

Nothing is faster than the speed of life

2016! It’s a New Year and great time to make resolutions that will help you achieve goals for your future. Goals are very different from person to person – losing a few unwanted pounds, saving more money, traveling more, or getting that promotion at the office to name a few. While you know you want […]

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5 Fertility Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

A general rule for trying to conceive if you’re under 35 is to try for one year before seeing a fertility specialist. If you’ve experienced any of these 5 symptoms, you shouldn’t wait — book an appointment with your doctor right away. Not only could treatment help you get pregnant more quickly, it may help catch other potentially serious issues sooner. The […]

Infertility In America 2015 | Infographic

Download a full version of this infographic here: Infertility In America 2015 | Infographic Download a full version of the Survey & Report here: Infertility In America 2015 | Survey & Report

Male Fertility Testing: The Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is a test that tells your doctor the number of sperm in your semen, whether they are normal, and how well they move. There are many reasons why couples have trouble achieving pregnancy. A semen analysis is one of the tests your doctor will use to evaluate your problem. Your test results will tell your doctor […]

Ask the Fertility Expert Dr. Molinaro LIVE on Veria Living

Find out what Dr. Thomas Molinaro of RMANJ- Eatontown has to say about infertility prevalence and the many options now available for hopeful parents, live on Veria Living Show!  Dr. Molinaro answers questions on topics from the audience and viewers at home: Freezing Eggs for a Future Pregnancy IVF Options for Male Infertility Can Acupuncture […]

Preserving Your Fertility: Facts About Egg Freezing

Advancements in reproductive care have given more women more options than ever before to maximize their fertility and have their family when they are ready.  Dr. Thomas Molinaro of RMANJ Eatontown, NJ works closely with patients and their fertility preservation team making available the latest technologies in assisted reproduction.  These new and safe options in […]