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10 Tips to Help You Stop Obsessing About Becoming Pregnant

For sure, it seems nearly impossible to stop obsessing about pregnancy while dealing with infertility. Babies are all around you. You spend countless hours in the doctor’s office checking this, assessing that – all in the hopes of having the sperm meet the egg. Here are some ideas for how to get pregnancy off your […]

Infertility makes Father’s Day forever bittersweet

When thinking about this coming Father’s Day on Sunday I began contemplating how the many hopeful fathers out there would be spending their day.  Would it be spent celebrating their father, or grandfathers?  Would they eagerly take part in their family’s tradition of honoring their loved ones?  Or would this day remind them of their infertility […]

Infertility Coping Strategies During the Holidays

Under the best of circumstances, the Holidays can be an overwhelming time.   Add the stress that comes with infertility and it’s a recipe for a difficult holiday season. Have some coping strategies at your ready.  Here are a few: Give yourself permission not to go to every party you are invited to, especially those parties […]

Infertility & Father’s Day 2013

As I’m sure you’re aware of, Father’s Day is this Sunday. While Mother’s Day seems to be a sort of dreaded holiday with those struggling with infertility, I think Father’s Day is often forgotten. This may be because many people associate infertility as being a women’s problem although that idea is completely false. It affects men just as much as women, although it’s not always expressed the same way.

Holiday Coping Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

RMANJ’s licensed clinical social worker Bette Galen, LCSW offers Holiday Coping Tips for couples trying to conceive. Holidays are stressful under the best of circumstances – shopping, baking, and planning family gatherings are just a few of the added stresses this time a year. Add to that the stress that comes with infertility and it […]