How does the RMA CareShare IVF Refund Program Work?

At the core our RMANJ’s CareShare program is a proven infertility treatment system that has generated IVF success rates well over the US average for more than a decade. Still, not every patient experiences success in the same way. The CareShare program was designed to help reduce the financial stress and worry that many of […]

Where to Start When Diagnosed with Infertility

My mother was a teacher and instilled in me a deep-rooted commitment to educate and help others, which I suppose explains my military service as well as my professional calling as a reproductive endocrinologist for more than 20 years. I see hopeful parents every day at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey from Newcastle, England to New […]

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Infertility

Even in an era with many scientific and clinical advancements, myths and misconceptions continue to persist about infertility and assisted fertility treatments. In an effort to better educate members of the general public – especially those who are trying to successfully get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby — Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey […]

Is it better to use fresh or frozen donor eggs, or is there no difference?

Using frozen donor eggs has become quite commonplace. They’re a great option for some patients as they reduce the cost and wait time associated with these treatments. At RMANJ, we performed a study looking at the survival and performance of frozen eggs. In the study, we showed that while 82 percent of eggs survived thawing, […]

What are my odds of having multiples if I do IVF?

When looking across all age groups, the odds of having a multiple gestation pregnancy through IVF is roughly 30 percent, with the large majority of those being twin pregnancies. Your odds are primarily based on the number of embryos transferred and the patient’s age. Traditionally, to overcome lower rates of implantation from an individual embryo, […]

Will my vitamin D levels effect my IVF outcome?

Vitamin D Deficiency is a hot topic in medicine today no doubt.  Overall women undergoing IVF should eat a well-balanced diet, reduce caffeine intake, stop smoking, and take a prenatal vitamin which covers the important bases for patients. As far as Vitamin D, it’s processed in the skin as a result of sun exposure. There […]

How does sperm quality affect IVF success?

A semen analysis is a rudimentary test of a man’s sperm count.  Men with low sperm counts (less than 5 million motile sperm) will likely have difficulties achieving pregnancies.  Any man with more than one abnormal defect in his semen analysis will also have a difficult prognosis.  Morphology is an interesting area as many men will […]

Acupuncture in IVF – When should it be performed?

Overall the data is inconclusive but it’s thought that acupuncture may improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and stimulate the release of neurotransmitters which travel in the blood and may also improve pregnancy outcomes. Given the inconsistency in clinical trials and the conflicting results, it is likely that the effect of acupuncture is […]

Who, What, When, and Where To Start Your Infertility Care

The right time to start a family is different for everyone. But for some having a baby can take more time especially once you’re in your mid 30’s. If you’re struggling with infertility you’re not alone. Over seven million men and women in the US are impacted by infertility or about 12% of the reproductive […]