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Celiac Disease and Fertility

“Can Celiac Disease Affect the Brain” – this intriguing title appeared on a recent article in the New York Times by Moises Velasquez-Manoff. Celiac disease is a condition that is usually thought of as affecting the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  It is caused by the ingestion of gluten, which is key component of wheat, rye and […]

Ask the Fertility Expert Dr. Molinaro LIVE on Veria Living

Find out what Dr. Thomas Molinaro of RMANJ- Eatontown has to say about infertility prevalence and the many options now available for hopeful parents, live on Veria Living Show!  Dr. Molinaro answers questions on topics from the audience and viewers at home: Freezing Eggs for a Future Pregnancy IVF Options for Male Infertility Can Acupuncture […]

Helping the Infertility Community Stay Positive & Focused on Success

RMANJ Video Brochure from Euro-Pacific Digital Multimedia on Vimeo. When RMANJ was founded in 1999, our mission was to build upon our combined years of experience to provide patients with world-class infertility care, innovative procedures and personalized treatment to give couples struggling with infertility their best chance to have a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. […]

Making A New Year Fertility Resolution

As the holiday stresses subside and New Year’s Eve gets closer, people begin to ponder their resolutions for the New Year.  How can I make 2014 better than last?  Will this be the year that I can finally have the family that I had been hoping for? How can I make my hope and dreams […]

The Psychological Impact of Infertility On Your Well-Being

One of the most challenging aspects of the infertility experience is dealing with the emotional ups and downs relating to medical treatment, the uncertainty about outcomes, and the challenge of having to make important decisions.  Infertility can be one of the most distressing life crises that a couple experiences together.  The inability to conceive a […]


The Buddhist term for an unsettled or restless mind is called ‘monkey mind’.  The Buddha said that we all have ‘drunken monkeys’ jumping around in our brains, vying for our attention. Going through fertility treatment brings out the noisiest of our monkeys, be they anxiety, fear of failure, our lack of control, or constant stress […]


So, how many times has someone said to you, “Just relax. When you can finally relax, I’m sure you’ll get pregnant!” Too many, I’m sure! That’s because people really don’t understand infertility. And that’s why RESOLVE developed National Infertility Awareness Week 24 years ago. Each year they focus on a different theme, with this year’s being ‘Join the Movement’

What’s new with the military? Reproductive medicine & IVF!

In 2012, Sen. Patty Murray sponsored a bill to provide fertility benefits to seriously wounded vets which passed in the senate, but was struck down in the house. A new bill has been reintroduced in 2013 called Women Veterans and Other Health Care Improvements Act. When our military men and women return home after serving in wars around the globe, putting their lives back together is a top priority. Included in that top priority is starting a family. Yet many of these men and women come home with enormous physical challenges and getting pregnant is a very real obstacle to overcome.

Yoga for the mind, body and soul: RETHINKING INSPIRATION

RETHINKING INSPIRATION – Feeling an attitude of gratitude today? This is for all of the wonderful people out there on their journey/roller coaster/wild ride of infertility. To keep gratitude flowing starts with opening your heart to give to yourself and then out to others.

Come join us, Saturdays at 8:00am in our Basking Ridge Location.