The Eeva Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) Study

In collaboration with a cutting-edge biotechnology company, Auxogyn, RMANJ’s patients recently had the unique opportunity to participate in a non-invasive study where they were able to watch their embryos grow!  Since the Eeva Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) Study launched last year, the RMANJ Clinical Research team has helped recruit over 100 participants.  The final stages of recruitment have concluded and RMANJ has our patients to thank for another successful clinical research study complete.chart_research

The Eeva Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) Study

This study was designed to collect image data provided by Eeva and evaluate the data combined with results from Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS).  RMANJ’s SelectCCS is a unique genetic test developed at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey that accurately identifies whether embryos are euploid (have a normal number of chromosomes) or aneuploidy (have an abnormal number of chromosomes).  Eeva safely monitored the development of all embryos in a standard incubator until day 5 or 6 of embryo culture.  The Eeva System was determined prior to the study to be a non-significant risk device.

Eeva Video Image

The purpose of the study was to identify whether there is an association between early embryonic development and chromosomal abnormalities.  The results determined from this study may lead to more effective methods for embryologist to select and transfer the most viable IVF embryos.  The ability to identify viable embryos could help clinicians increase the success for IVF for patients, while reducing the financial, emotional and physical stress associated with failed IVF cycles.

The RMANJ Clinical Research Team is working hard to analyze and assess the complete data set for our collaborative Auxogyn/RMANJ study.  We look forward to sharing with you our insights on this new screening technology in the very near future.


RMANJ’s Clinical Research Team is currently enrolling candidates in three active clinical trials.  Find out if you’re a candidate by calling our team at 973-656-2841.