Fertility Financing

Financial Programs

RMANJ’s Finance Department can offer expert advice about insurance and the cost of treatment. We are available to help you navigate through the insurance claims process and answer questions about your coverage. For treatments or services not covered by medical insurance, or for individuals or couples in need of financial assistance, we can provide information about different fertility financing options.

RMANJ participates in national consumer-lending programs that can make financial resources available to couples at competitive rates. We are available to discuss different payment plans and options with you at any time.

For more information, please call the RMANJ Finance team at 973-971-0612

lendingclub fertility financing

Lending Club Patient Solutions

Lending Club Patient Solutions loans include: no initial payment/no payment for three to seven weeks, no interest loan options, fixed rates as low as 3.99%, and no prepayment penalties.

For more information, visit www.lendingclub.com

Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc.

With ARC, a number of affordable options   are available for patients to choose from:

Call ARC’s toll free number 888-990-2727 to speak with one of the patient service specialists.

Attain® IVF Programs

Attain® IVF offer multiple treatment plans for a single, discounted fee that increases your chance of success.  There are two programs available:

Multi-Cycle Program
  • Includes up to four IVF cycles (two fresh and two frozen)
  • Single, discounted fee that’s about 30% less than if you were to pay for the same treatment plan on a cycle-by-cycle basis
  • Available to all patients whose doctor recommends IVF and plan to use their own eggs

Attain IVF Refund

  • Includes up to six IVF cycles (three fresh and three frozen)
  • There’s a refund guarantee if treatment is unsuccessful – up to 70% if you’re using your own eggs and up to 100% if you’re using donor eggs
  • To take part in this program, you will need to meet certain medical criteria.

For additional information call Attain Customer Care directly at 886-968-7483 or visit online at www.attainivf.com

For more information on fertility financing, please contact us today.