What you don’t know about Infertility Treatment

What You Don't KnowAs science and medicine continue to advance, stories in the media perpetuate myths and misconceptions about exactly what fertility treatments can and can’t do. Information is power and essential to helping every patient be as successful as possible. Here are some fundamentals about infertility care that every one should know.

Don’t wait. Get answers.

Dr. Melissa Yih from our Hamilton office explains the importance of early treatment. “Each month even a healthy 30-year-old women has only about a  20% chance of getting pregnant. If you’re in your mid 30’s and unable to get pregnant or stay pregnant after 6-12 months it’s time to talk to a fertility specialist.”

Time in Care

While many patients have gone through endless rounds of fertility treatments, at RMANJ the average time in treatment is a few months not years. Dr. Doherty comments, “make sure that the practice you choose can offer a full work-up within 30 days or less and treatment options that can reduce time in care. Patients should look for everything from validated genetic screening services to acupuncture and other wellness services that compliment traditional fertility care.”

Pregnancy Rates vs. Delivery Rates

“When choosing a practice you should ask about live delivery rates not just pregnancy rates” offers Dr. Yih. “Patients can visit to review success rates across all fertility practices in their area.” RMANJ have consistently reported delivery rates around 60%, nearly 20% higher than the US average.

One Baby at a Time

Many patients believe they must be willing to risk twins or multiples to increase their chances of success; this is no longer true. Multiples often create unintended long term health and financial burdens which can now be avoided. Fertility specialists like RMANJ routinely use a combination of genetic screening and single embryo transfer to support the promise of one healthy baby at a time. “I’m proud to be a part of a team that has made so many advances to the field of reproductive medicine and helped so many hopeful parents from New Jersey and around the world,” offers Dr. Doherty.

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Leo F. Doherty, MD, FACOG

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